1929 - 1940

The company Hans Thali + Co. is founded in an economically difficult time. The Black Friday on the New York Stock Exchange is throwing the whole world into a crisis. With 3 employees, the engineer and inventor Hans Thali builds and sells sound systems. One of his customers was the monastery Einsiedeln.

1940 - 1950

Hans Thali makes a name for himself as author of technical books on tubes and circuits.  These books, which were published by himself, served as a repair manual for tube radios.  Because the manufacturers did not issue any circuits, Hans Thali bought a piece from every available device, disassembled it into individual parts, mesured it and created a detailed documentation.

1950 - 1960

Hans Thali's publishing activities led to the expansion of the business segment.  The company Thali becomes a publishing company for specialized publishers such as Franzis, Berliner and Hüthig.

1960 - 1970

Until the middle of the sixties the company Thali operated in a residential and business premises on Luzernerstrasse in Hitzkirch.  However, due to good growth, we had to think about new premises and new company perspectives.

1970 - 1980

Werner Thali takes over the company from his father and converts the company into a stock company.  In the first business year as an stock company, the company generated sales of CHF 320,000. The company Thali AG is growing considerably during this time and is making a good name for itself.  The new warehouse and office building at Industriestrasse are ready to move in.  Strong expansion of  literature,  radio and electronic components.

1980 - 1990

Thali AG extends distribution with shareware and application software.  A modern EDP system is implemented in-house.  The planning of the "low-energy house" is now underway.  At the beginning of the nineties the building was finished.

1990 - 2000

In addition to software, games and consoles are now also available.   Thali receives the Solar Award for the implementation of the low-energy vision.  At the same time as the management buyout in 1994, Thali AG is significantly expanding its services.  The software, games and books as well as thought-out services form the backbone of the company.  Rackjobbing and merchandising is now a part of the performance catalog.  The future begins.

2000 - 2010

Thali is growing. The storage facilities and the number of available products are being expanded.  In addition to the soft goods Thali AG distributes products at Mobile/Gaming and EE.  As well the services have expanded.  In addition to EDI connections, the sales representatives are now electronically networked.

2010 - today

Networking with customers is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a new ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) will be introduced in 2013.  As a result, Thali AG is well prepared for the future.  In addition to the IT services, the «Content» area is offered as a new «product». The partnership with Aqipa GmbH from Austria offers from 2016 new opportunities and perspectives for the future. The "Lifestyle" range will be further expanded.