Retail solutions

Thali offers various services  for the trade.  The most important ones we would like to introduce you:

Data export
You will receive an updated article master every day, with all the necessary information from our products. You can get it unfiltered, or already assembled to your needs and your assortment.

As a dealer, you have the possibility to access the following information in our Onlineshop with your personal access:

  • last deliveries
  • last order
  • backorders
  • current purchase prices
  • current stock (in real time)

Sales representatives
We have a very well-trained sales representative, spread all over Switzerland.  The duties of a sales representative include:

  • Active sale of novelties
  • Continuous replacement of the entire Thali range
  • Elaborate and implement marketing activities
  • Set up new sales points
  • Layout maintenance and presentation
  • Cross-selling actions

In regular training sessions our AD team is directly trained by the manufacturers on the new products and assortments.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
The creation of the assortment is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, manufacturer and Thali AG. All values from customer and market analyses are included in the decision-making process. This results in an assortment perfectly tailored to the customer.

An automatic replenishment is generated by means of the sold sales figures of the trader. Depending on the success of the product, the number of stock can be increased or reduced in a very short time by our team. Through our specially developed PMIC-Tool (Partner Managed Inventory Control) you also have the opportunity to check your target stock and submit any changes.