Established in 1948, Wilfa is a Norwegian company that specialises in high-quality kitchen appliances. Wilfa has grown into one of the Nordic region's leading suppliers of small electrical appliances, becoming a part of everyday life in millions of homes.

Our Focus
Wilfa’s trusted brand-position stems from a focus on design, quality, safety and innovation. Our design-mantra has led us to seek consultation from World -leading experts.
For example, each step of the long development process required to create the Wilfa Probaker demanded further consultation from the National Norwegian Baking Team. Who better to advise us in a mission to create the world’s best kitchen machine?

Nordic Design & Innovation
Our obsession with innovation in design has led us to regular awards in the Nordics including Kitchen Product of the Year Norway (Wilfa Performance 2020, Wilfa Probaker 2021) Best in the Test (Wilfa Uniform 2021, Wilfa Performance 2020, plus many more) and most recently in the U.K as The Independent’s ‘Best Overall Coffee Grinder’ (Wilfa Nymalt 2022).

But our core values don’t stop there
By focusing on minimalizing environmental impact in all our work, Wilfa has become an eco-lighthouse® company. This joins our Silver Accreditation in the Ecovadis Sustainability Rating. This puts Wilfa’s commitment to C02 compensation in the top 93% of consumer electronics companies. But we’re not just committed to the sustainability of our products. That’s why we sought and subsequently received FSC Approval. This ensures the packaging around our products is recyclable and responsibly sourced too.