"Mill's innovative, Scandinavian design revolutionised the portable heater category. portable heaters"

It's nice to be at home, to feel safe, comfortable and emotionally connected to your surroundings. Appliances and technology should have a supportive function and be elegantly integrated into your modern home. They should create a pleasant home and enhance both comfort and style.

Unobtrusive elegance:
Minimalist design that fits well into any modern home and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Enhances both comfort and style.

Simple & Intuitive:
Smart home products connected in a seamless and holistic ecosystem. This allows the user to effortlessly have full control over temperature, air quality and power consumption. All Mill Generation 3 WiFi products are compatible with Google Home, Apple Kit and Alexa. Mill is a Matter Alliance member.

Scandinavian comfort:
Designed to withstand the harshest climates - for safe, efficient and comfortable temperature and pure air quality. It's good to be home.

5-year warranty
Outstanding quality and product durability are our top priorities.