GIANTS Software

The Swiss invent the Farming Simulator

GIANTS Software is a video game developer and publisher from Switzerland, known worldwide for the Farming Simulator brand. With offices in Switzerland (Zurich), Germany, the USA and the Czech Republic, GIANTS Software maintains close contact with the agricultural industry and the fans of the successful game series.

The Farming Simulator, or Landwirtschafts-Simulator as the title is called in the German-speaking area, is a global phenomenon. Since 2008, over 25 million copies of the series have been sold worldwide. All over the world, fans are enthusiastic about the diverse aspects of agriculture, practise animal husbandry and realise their dream of rural life on their own farm in a relaxed way. In close cooperation with leading manufacturers of the agricultural industry and closely related economic sectors, GIANTS Software integrates hundreds of faithfully reproduced machines, which contribute significantly to the unique and authentic atmosphere.

Farming Simulator is available on all major platforms including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs.