Romy L6 Animal - black

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Date de sortie: 03-04-2023

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The ROMY L6 Animal vacuum is perfect for pet owners and those with allergies. It has strong suction power, a tangle-free pet hair brush, and a replaceable dust bag for hygienic cleaning. The robot vacuum has a 250ml water tank and can be controlled through an app, with options for spot cleaning and setting cleaning schedules. It has a slim design with a built-in laser for smart navigation and can climb over obstacles up to 2cm. It is also quiet and can be set to different suction power levels.
Ideal for pet owners and people with allergies
The perfect combination of 5200 Pa strong suction power, special tangle-free pet hair brush, fine particle filter and a replaceable, self-sealing 1.1l dust bag guarantee a hygienically clean home.

For extra hygiene
Pet owners know: with our fluffy companions there is a little more work to do. Hair, dust and crumbs of all kinds are best kept in the 1.1l dust bag of our ROMY L6 Animal. When you pull out the full bag, it automatically closes itself so that you can throw it away without spreading the dust.

No more tangling
ROMY L6 Animal's special silicon anti-tangle brush is perfect for removing pet hair. With our Animal model you can also choose whether you want to use the dust bin or the 1.1l dust bag, both are included in the set.

For a clean and hygienic home
You decide: vacuuming or vacuuming and wet cleaning at the same time with the easily attachable 250ml water tank. The water consumption can be regulated via the app depending on the floor type. Clean your wooden floor with a damp cloth, for example, while your tiled floor gets a good wash with the "Max" setting.

Children or pets?
Use the spot function to send ROMY exactly where you want him to clean, or place a cleaning zone around this area in the app. Chaos in front of the feeding bowl, but the rest of the room is fine? Let ROMY vacuum with pinpoint accuracy without cleaning the entire room.

ROMY L6 does not need a large station
No space for a large cleaning station? Both ROMY L6 models have one of the biggest dust bins on the market. With its 960 ml capacity and 250 ml water tank, ROMY L6 offers the benefits of an autonomous cleaning system without the high cost and space requirements of an auto-empty station. Don't worry about cleaning for up to 3 weeks!

Strong against dirt
With its 5200 Pa strong suction power and 200 min running time, ROMY L6 is an ideal helper for bigger households. Whether tiles, wooden floors or carpets - ROMY does the job.

Silent mode
Despite its intense suction power, ROMY L6 is one of the most quiet robots in its class. 5 suction power levels are possible: Auto, Eco, Min, Med and Max. For instance, in the Eco or Min mode, ROMY is particularly quiet.

The built-in laser makes ROMY super slim
ROMY L6 is one of the slimmest laser robots on the market. Instead of a dome on the top, we built the LIDAR front laser into the casing. As a result, ROMY L6 is only 8.6 cm high and can clean in hard-to-reach places, under cupboards or the couch. No more bending down while vacuuming!

Smart navigation
With its intelligent LIDAR front laser navigation, your robot reacts immediately to obstacles and changes in its environment. As a result, he rarely bumps into anything, always knows where he is and finds his way back to the charging station when his work is done. After a first short exploration run, your ROMY is immediately ready for use

Autonomous and smart
If ROMY runs out of battery during a cleaning session, he returns to the charging station on its own. As soon as the robot has finished charging, he automatically continues cleaning.

Sustainably cleaned
To extend its service life, you can clean ROMY's fine particle filter under running water. You can also replace the battery of our ROMY models at the end of its lifetime - good for your wallet and the environment.

Data privacy
The security of your data is important to us. We store the data we receive securely on our European data server. We only use them to improve our service and our products. We do not pass them on to third parties without being asked.

Everything according to plan
Set fixed days, times, rooms and areas in the app. ROMY cleans autonomously and independently. Different cleaning modes can be assigned to rooms or areas. For example, the robot can automatically reduce the volume when it drives past the children's room.

Climbing ability of 2cm
ROMY overcomes obstacles such as carpet edges or doorsteps up to 2 cm.

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