Genie MP 55 Magnifier - green

No. d'article: 502400

No. d'article du fabricant: 40105

Langue: Deutsch, Français, Italiano, English

Label: Genie

Emballage: Blister, 100 x 200 x 25 mm

EAN/UPC: 4030152951437

Date de sortie: 14-06-2023

Disponibilité prévue: Disponible


7.95TVA incl.

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Practical pocket magnifier (lens size: 40 x 50 mm) with integrated LED lighting, Magnification factor: 2x, inclusive pocket pouch, switch on the LED light by pulling out the upper part, handy and flat design (Size: 5 x 12 cm), weight: 46,5 g (incl. 2x CR1220)

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Image originale

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