iPhone 6/6s / Valenta Leather Back Cover Classic Luxe - black

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Artikel Nr.: 404175

Hersteller Artikel Nr.: 915996

Sprache: Deutsch, Français, Italiano, English

Label: Valenta

Verpackung: Blister, 100 x 193 x 22 mm (BHT)

EAN/UPC: 8718858915996

Erscheinungsdatum: 30-05-2016

Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar



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Valenta Back Cover Classic Luxe Black iPhone 6 Phone Case. The Valenta Classic Case is the ideal combination of a phone case and a wallet. Valenta is known for her passion for leather and quality. The use of real high quality leather and the attention to detail guarantee a long-lasting satisfaction. Every single product is handmade to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection which extend the life span of your device.

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