Pioneer has been synonymous with premium quality Hi-Fi and audio since 1938. Offering a sound experience that is as pure as it is stunning to people from all over the world, Pioneer’s revolutionary array of products lives up to the brand name by paving the digital way for analogue-enthused traditionalists and tech aficionados alike.

Tradition and digital revolution perfectly united
The deeply ingrained audio philosophy has transported Pioneer through revolutionary advances in the digital age and today offers a wide range of products that allow networking of analog and digital devices.

Hi-Res Audio brings music to life
Pioneer is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of Hi-Res-audio-capable devices and is proud to have made the Hi-Res audio experience in excellent quality affordable and thus more accessible to a wide circle of customers – both at home with amplifiers, AV-Receivers, compact audio systems and on the go with portable digital audio players.

The multi-room evolution is here
Pioneer perfects the idea of networking with the latest generation of multi-room-capable devices and a unique control concept – simply connect all Pioneer devices and other smart gear to control them throughout different rooms with just one app and enjoy the experience of the multi-room evolution in home entertainment.