The success of the Meliconi trademark is based on the great wealth of ideas and innovation the company has built up over the years.Successful both in its domestic market and worldwide, Meliconi S.p.A. supplies a range of functional, stylish products using quality materials. The company was created in the sixties, manufacturing and marketing household accessories in plastic and metal.

In the eighties the company significantly diversified by creating the revolutionary BODYGUARD, a rubber protection for remote controls, the first step into the video Hi-Fi accessories market.

Year after year the company extended its range of video and Hi-Fi accessories, and in 1995 it launched the wall-mounted SPACE SYSTEM range, making Meliconi a household name in Italy and abroad. In 1999, to implement an innovative project called GumBody with applications in the electronics industry, Meliconi acquired CME, one of Italy¿s leading remote control manufacturers.

The co-operation between the leading remote control manufacturer and the inventor of the protective cover led to a revolutionary new concept: a REMOTE CONTROL WITH BUILT-IN PROTECTION, two functions in one.

GumBody Meliconi is the only universal remote control with rubber body protecting the device from shocks and falls and incorporating TV, VCR, satellite and DVD controls. Ideas and innovation, R & D, the importance of international brand distribution have made Meliconi a multi-specialist leader in continuous growth, able to anticipate market needs and meet developing requirements. The company now works successfully in three sectors: household accessories, audio/video and consumer electronics. Meliconi dedicates a significant portion of turnover to advertising supporting its best-known products and new launches.