Designed for what matters.

Since 1921, Braun have earned a formidable reputation for creating iconic products and unique product experiences. At the core of their approach is the insatiable desire to clarify, simplify and enhance the evolving and diverse ways people choose to live their lives.

After 28 years away from the audio category, Braun Audio is back with LE, a series of three premium Hi-Fi speakers that celebrate the timeless, essentialist design ethos of their origins, tuned to perfection and built to last. Expertly blending heritage statements, LE is equipped with the latest in wireless connectivity, voice control, orientation and placement EQ technology and innovation. Delivering a beautifully dispersed sound stage, the speakers are bold without being intrusive and embody the perfect balance of powerful performance and minimalist form, elegantly showcasing the rigour and care for which German craftsmanship is renowned.

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