We from ZAPHYR are committed to making a meaningful change with the products we offer. Our ZAPHYR mobile necklaces cases are for you to stand out from the crowd, to help you be a catalyst for the global environmental movement that we are experiencing intensively.

We are energized by this movement and are acting on it by developing the right fun trend-products in a reasonable and sensible way.

We do not have to abandon fun trends and cool products like the mobile necklace case, but we need to live by example and challenge the way we have been doing things. With our unique ZAPHYR mobile necklace case, we combine many great aspects of “shopping sustainably”:

  • 2-in-1 mobile necklace case: you can wear the mobile necklace or remove it. You do not need two mobile cases: with and without a strap
  • You have 2 detachable straps with the mobile case, so you can have color fun with one case, instead of several cases
  • The 100% bio-degradable material of the mobile case makes the case dissolve over time, no residual waste and thus recycling needed