Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

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Autor: Horst Keller, Wolf Hagen Thümmel

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  • The definitive SAP rules for ABAP development
  • Detailed examples of good and poor programming style
  • With numerous recommendations for everyday programming
  • How do you program good ABAP? This book, the official SAP programming style guide, will show you how to maximize performance, readability, and stability in your ABAP programs.

    Sorted by programming tasks, this book will provide you with guidelines on how to best fulfill each task. Starting with basic considerations about the use of comprehensive programming concepts, the book continues with formal criteria such as organizing your source code, and then concludes with descriptions of the various areas and tasks of ABAP development. Filled with real-life code examples, both good and bad, this book is a must-have guide for ABAP developers.

    1 General Rules
    Learn the general principles that you should take into account when you create new programs and classes.

    2 Structure and Style
    Find the answers to your questions on style, including naming, commentation, and structure of programs and procedures.

    3 Architecture
    Explore guidelines on individual aspects of architecture, such as object orientation, error handling, user interfaces, data storage, and much more.

    4 Secure and Robust ABAP
    Ensure your ABAP programs run predictably with no surprises by gaining in-depth knowledge on data types and data objects, calculations and accesses, internal tables, and more.

    5 Tips and Hints
    Explore tips and hints throughout the book, as well as examples of good and bad ABAP programming, to help you adopt effective working techniques and principles.

    Topic Highlights
    • Basic Rules: Separation of Concerns, Correctness and Quality, Program Type and Attributes, Modern ABAP, Checks for Correctness
    • Structure and Style: Code Formatting and Organization, Naming, Comments, Alternative Notations
    • Architecture: Object Orientation, Error Handling, User Interfaces, Data Storage
    • Secure and Robust ABAP: Data Types and Objects, Calculations and Accesses, System Fields, Internal Tables, Modularization, Dynamic Programming

    About the Author:

    Dr. Horst Keller works in the NetWeaver Developer Tools ABAP group at SAP. As Knowledge Architect he is responsible for documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects. He also oversees the programs for preparing and presenting the ABAP documentation including the relating search algorithms.

    Wolf Hagen Thümmel studied physics at the Karlsruhe University, Germany, and received his doctorate in experimental particle physics. In 2001, he joined SAP AG. He is currently a member of the TD Core AS&DM ABAP group and there focuses on language-related tools in the ABAP environment as well as in the area of mass checks for quality assurance. He assumes responsibility for ABAP checkpoint statements and the related tools, memory analyses, and parts of the ABAP Debugger. Wolf Hagen Thümmel also deals with topics regarding the complexity of ABAP programs. He is author of several ABAP-related publications in trade journals and handbooks on programming languages.